Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Platter

I met the very cute and talented potter, Erin Lambers, when I participated in a bowl-making effort for an Empty Bowls event she's sponsoring this February. After visiting her website, I hired her to make a Christmas platter for my sister and her husband. She graciously agreed to let me photograph the process.

First Erin sliced off chunks of clay and molded them into mounds.
Four platter-sized lumps.
Erin at her wheel in her sunny studio.

The platter begins to take shape.
Graceful hands.
A gentle touch.
The platter emerges.
She sets them aside to air dry.
After the pieces were fired, I came back to observe the glazing process.
Erin layers colors that she mixes herself. First layer.
Erin's cat.
Pouring glaze over a platter.
Some of Erin's mugs with two tones of glaze. She lets them sit at least an hour before adding a third, or it won't adhere.
Second layer.

Drying before third layer.
This is the platter I selected for my sister.
Erin etches a message in every piece she makes. My sister's platter reads: Good family feels like God blessed you with best friends.
Erin's beautiful mugs after firing. You can see more of her pottery (and order it!) on her website. :)


Anonymous potter that spoke said...

Thanks Jeanne! So endearing.

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