Friday, July 20, 2007

Damoff Family Reunion

Hello. I'm Jeanne, and I'll be your tour guide. If you'll follow me across this sun-dappled bridge we'll reach the Mohican Resort Lodge, where the Damoff family gathered for some Macedonian monkeyshines.
This lovely establishment even offers five-star accommodations for furry friends.
The centerpiece for this year's Damoff Family Shenanigans was a big birthday bash for two of the patriarchs: John, who turned 80, and George who turned 75. To celebrate in style, the Damoffs descended on Malabar Farm, a lovely spot famous for its builder, Pulitzer prize winning author Louis Bromfield, and also because Bromfield hosted Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall's wedding and honeymoon there. In the future I'm sure the Damoff birthday bash will be listed among Malabar's stellar events.
Can't go wrong with balloons at a birthday bash.
Barns are a feast of light and line. This particular "feast" sheltered a gathering of black cows that generously lent their scent to the festivities.
One end of Bromfield's picturesque house.

Views outside the barn.

Sausages and brats! Mmmm.
Every party needs a cute baby . . .
and a cute puppy.
Fresh flowers for each table. Those Damoffs are classy, let me tell you.
More balloons. And light. And lines.
Two cakes plus 155 candles equals a flaming prairie of frosted birthday goodness.
They huff and they puff and they . . .
give it their best shot. (Note the sympathetic blowing amongst the bystanders.)
Several oxygen-deprived minutes and seventy-five holes later the cake still tasted yummy.
On the last day of the reunion the Damoffs gather on the Mohican Lodge deck for a group photo. Um, where's Waldo?
Sunset as seen from the deck. Beautiful ending to the day and to our tour. (Don't you wish you were a Damoff?)


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