Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wedding (and Wedding Eve) Pictures

My sisters and I took these pictures last weekend. When the "real" wedding photographer posts hers online, I'll provide a link on my blog. Meanwhile, here's a taste of the glorious day and events leading up to it:

Mt. Ranier from the airplane.

We took the following shots Friday, Sept. 14, at the "non-rehearsal luncheon."
My great niece, Alexandria.
A brotherly kiss from Jacob.
Grace and Alexandria.
Curtis and his dear friend, Kawika.

Siblings: Sharon, me, Lois, and Jim.

Sharon took the next three Friday evening at the ceremony site.
Grace and Curtis "practicing"
Sunset on September 14, wedding eve.

And now for Saturday, Sept. 15, the big day!
Before the wedding:
Another brotherly kiss, this time from Luke.
The bride. (Yes, her eyes are really that blue.)
Getting dressed with the help of Holly and Emily, Grace's friends who designed and made her dress.
Curtis gave Grace these memorial stones when he proposed (each stood for a significant quality he admires in her or an event in their relationship.) She crafted them into a piece of jewelry to adorn her dress.

At the wedding:
Grace's bouquet.

The musicians.

Curtis waiting for Grace.

Curtis removing Grace's sandals. Holy ground.
Kawika leading everyone in the Doxology.

At the reception:
Dancing babies.

Grace and Eliza.
Dark chocolate covered "tuxedo" strawberries!
Cutting the cake.
Toasting goblets and towering chocolate cake.
Listening to toasts . . .
from Papa Jim . . .
Curtis' dad . . .
and Luke (among many others).
The bride and groom dance . . .
with a flourish!
Grace and her father.

Curtis and his mom.
PJ and M-Pats (my parents) busting their moves.
Sunset from the reception area.


Blogger TJ Wilson said...

J - I can't get over the memorial stones... wow. look forward to seeing the "real" photos - ha!

11:30 PM  
Blogger relevantgirl said...


3:39 PM  
Blogger lindaruth said...

What lovely pictures and what a beautiful day. It reminded me some of Julia's wedding day. See the picture of Grace and her father reminded me of one of my favorite pictures of that day -- Julia dancing with her dad (who doesn't normally dance) -- it's so sweet.

10:48 AM  

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