Saturday, January 05, 2008

Stocking Stuff-a-Rama and Style Show

In December the women of our church gathered to fill stockings for the folks at Arc of Harrison County, a sheltered workshop for the mentally disabled. Just for fun (and because I organized the event, and everyone knows I'm all about self-amusement), we also decorated our own stockings and modeled them on a runway, with judges awarding prizes in ten different categories. Here's my contribution:
I painted peppermint candies, then stitched the wrappers with embroidery thread and topped it off with striped ribbons. Festive, don't you think? I had to set the self-timer on the camera to take my portrait, because no one was home. Those are George's suspenders and my granddad's old newsboy cap.
Here are some of the other entries. The one on the left won "most original." She used face paint to dab a snow scene on her bare feet. Clever!
This next competitor won "boldest design." (We didn't have a va-va-voom category.)
It was a fun evening, and we made and filled 30 stockings for Arc!


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