Saturday, September 13, 2008

Show Me . . .

You! (Er, me.) Today's assignment from Robert (Thoughts of a Father) is to "show me yourself," so I'm taking this opportunity to share a few updates with the pictures. In this first shot I'm modeling the lovely necklace and bracelet George brought back from Ivory Coast, West Africa--a gift to me from Soro Guebessonguile and his wife Rachelle, an African family with whom he stayed for a week and who adopted him as their father. Cool (long) story.
September 9 was my birthday, and George baked a death-by-chocolate cake! Here I am photographing it . . .
And here's the photograph I took. (Despite the number of candles, I didn't turn twelve.)
I took this shot specifically for the project. It's a self-portrait of most of me, minus the parts that get me in the most trouble.
And these are my TOMS shoes. Cute, comfy, and one small way to help a needy child. Click the link to learn more!

Now I'm heading over to Robert's place to get a look at some of you!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Show Me . . .

Robert of Thoughts of a Father has been hosting a photographic challenge all week, and I'm finally jumping in. His theme is "show me . . ." with the object changing each new day. Today I grabbed my camera and shot them all. Here are the results. On Sunday, he said "show me your mailbox."
Ours is built into the front door. Here's a close up. Monday was "show me your kitchen."
This is the only shot I didn't take today. I borrowed it from the shots I took for Anna Carson's Project Blue. Tuesday was "show me your front door."
I've always loved how thick and heavy our door is. (Here's another view of our "mailbox" too.) Wednesday was "show me an object of sentimental value."
This rocking chair belonged to my husband's grandfather. We found it in the old family barn in rural Ohio. The varnish was black and the original metal-spring, leather seat had been converted to a nest by rats. George refinished it, and I reupholstered it. Now its honeyed tones warm our hearts and our living room. Thursday was "show me a favorite view."
Photographs of my kids, each taken when they were 18 months old. My house is full of photos from many eras of our lives. I love them! Friday was "show me something that relaxes you."
When I need therapy (or just want to make music), you'll often find me here.

Tomorrow is the last day of the "Show Me" project, and the assignment is "Show me yourself!" See you then. :)