Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference

I took the following photographs at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center near Santa Cruz, California.

Towering redwoods

Andy McGuire of Moody Press and Andy Meisenheimer of Zondervan (aka Andy Squared)

Sunlit greenery

Tina Howard, Leslie Wilson, me, Mick Silva, BJ Hamrick and Madison Richards

Cherry blossoms

Simon and Melanie from Ireland

The view

Caroline Coleman and me

Or maybe these are cherry blossoms?

Andy Squared + Dave Long = Triple Fun

Great climbing/thinking tree

Our very calm and in no way reproachable cabin: TJ Wilson, Tina Howard, me, Leslie Wilson, and Mary DeMuth

Friday, April 06, 2007

Dallas Arboretum

Between recent trips to Colorado and California I had two days in Dallas just to hang out. So I met cute, fun, and funny Heather at the Arboretum at 10:30 AM one morning. We walked around, chatting and taking pictures. Then we ate lunch and chatted some more. Then we sat on a stone wall and chatted even more. When I checked my watch it was almost 5:00 PM! If you ever need to lose track of time while chatting, Heather's your go-to girl. Here are some of the shots I took, complete with cheesy alliterative labels.

Petite pansies with pizzazz

Twirling tree

Wistful wisteria

Twin trumpeters

Dancing daffodils

Textured trunk

Blushing blossoms

Liquid limbs

Two types of tulips